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Weddings are a huge investment, but I’m sure you’ve already figured that part out. Don’t pick a photographer solely based on price, I've seen horror stories from people who went with someone just because they're cheap.  Trust me, I’m all for deals, but if you love my style and you feel something when you look through my photos, let's do this!

You're looking for something a little different though, you're wanting to elope (girl, I feel ya there!), which is so exciting!  Regardless of if you're just doing a small wedding around the area or you're wanting to fly to California and climb a mountain, I AM IN.

Prices shown are what my packages start at and do not include travel. we can set up a coffee date or a phone call beforehand if you’d like so we can really narrow down what you’re looking for!


If you’re looking for something more or less, don’t hesitate to ask; I’m here to capture your big day, and I want to do that in whatever way makes you both the happiest. 

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