Portrait Session

Harvest Moon Senior Session

How cool is it that Katy got to start her senior year off with her 17th birthday being on the first Friday the 13th Full Moon we've had in 19 years?!

I mean come on - that has to be some crazy luck for her final year of high school right?!

I had the pleasure of meeting Katy a few years back in the little town that I live in and instantly knew I wanted to take her Senior photos once she was old enough. She was always hanging around all of us in the community and I thought it was so cool how we all felt as if she was our little sister. We all got excited when she went to her first prom, all wanted to meet her first boyfriend (and interrogate him ha!), and we all truly want the best for her. 

Katy is 10x cooler than I ever was when I was a senior. Seriously, it's insane.  She's going to do big things with her life and all of us over in Ludlow are going to be sitting here rooting her.

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