well hey there!

I'm Bri a photographer from the midwest, with a heart and soul that belongs in California. I  currently call Nashville, TN home - but bounce back and forth between there and Cincinnati, OH - as that’s where I was born and raised!  I'm pretty dang excited that you're here and willing to learn a little bit more about me + what I have to offer you.


I started on this photography journey almost 10 years ago - when my parents got me a camera for Christmas (bless everyone's heart who let me take a bazillion photos of them back then as I was learning). What at the time I thought was just going to be a hobby - sparked so much joy (Marie Kondo anyone?) that I’ve now turned this into my full-time job. 


Along with capturing your special moments, I have a major passion for traveling and nature.  I will forever be thankful for parents who towed me around the US when I was little - instilling travel into my blood while I was young, so it wasn’t a surprise to anyone that the second I got in college I started traveling all of the US like crazy (47 out of the 50 states ya’ll!). Which is why - if having your photos taken in an epic place is something that you’re all about - I am HERE for it.  


Knowing that you have landed on me to potentially photograph your special moments is so amazingly incredible! I strive to photograph you as you are - throw out the awkward posing and the uncomfortable clothing! 

These photos are for you, and I want you to feel as happy as you are in the photos every time you look at them.

bucket list. 

Do any of these places spark serious joy for you + you want some epic photos taken in them? LET’S GO. I offer special rates for all bucket list locations. 

+ Sequoia National Park

+ Yosemite National Park 

+ Glacier National Park

+ Joshua Tree

+ Yellowstone

+ Death Valley

+ Hawaii

+ Oregon Coast

+ Alaska

+ Maine

+ Iceland

+ Ireland

+ Sweden

+ Italy

+ Patagonia

things i love

+ Mac - n - cheese

+ Coffee

+ Road Trips

+ Live Music

+ Puppies (all dogs are puppies!)

+ Thrifting

+ Earthy Colors

+ Wheelthrowing

+ Sequoia Trees

+ Crisp Mornings

+ One Tree Hill

+ Mountains

so how does this work?


You reach out to me - rather that be my DMs or my contact form, and we chat over email while I ask you some questions + you give me the deets about your love and your big day (or fun shoot!). I'll email you my collection info and we can set up a coffee date (or facetime meeting!) to get to know each other a bit more + make sure you want me being your third wheel!


Now - the fun part starts! We plan your engagement session, so we can get comfy with each other + so you guys can get used to being in front of the camera! I'll help you plan the perfect location, send you a Pinterest board with outfit inspo + make sure this feels like a bunch of friends just hangin' out! 


After our coffee date - if you're feeling the vibes I'll get you sent over the official contract with all of the important stuff in it! You'll sign the contract + pay the retainer fee toward your final balance. Super exciting part as you're officially one step closer to your big day!


Next up is the in-between time! You'll be finishing up planning for your big day + I'll be here to help with anything I can! I'll help with locations (rather it be an elopement or just around your venue), helping you plan your timeline and offering up any advice I can! Then - one month out, we'll plan one more meeting (either in person or Facetime) to go over all the final details for your big day! 


PNG image-BB734C4BC721-1.png

This is it. It's time for your big day aka the best day ever! I'll be there by your side for the entire day, and we'll have a blast! I'll share some sneak peeks with you within the following days and then you'll get your full gallery within the next 8 weeks. I'll send over your final gallery + continue to keep in touch in hopes to get to be a part of all your special moments for life. <3

You're not just getting a photographer

While that may be my "official title", I also like to think of myself as your personal boutonniere-securer, dress-fluffer, vendor-suggester, hair + veil fixer,tissue-giver, you name it—I’m along for the ride.  My goal is for you to have your day exactly as you hoped it would be and I’m just there to capture those moments for you to hold on to forever. I  try my best to blend into your day like I’m not there, but I’m also without a doubt present + hyping you up +  making sure you look cool as heck in your photos as well as getting your fam in line so we can breeze through those family photos. 

I'm here for ya'll, for whatever that may be. 

So you're ready to do this?! 

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Feel free to reach out with any questions so we can plan the perfect way to capture your special moments.


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